Installing Walls and Cabinets


With the cabinets and walls complete it is now time to install them on the teardrop. I used PL Premium between the wall and deck where there would be very slight gaps, and Titebond III to glue the cabinets to the walls where there would be none. The deck screws provided most of the clamping pressure.

While the walls were dry fit I outlined the location of the cabinets seen in pencil marks. I chose the placement of the deck screws to correspond with the edges and corners of the cabinet and spaced them 12″ for the cabinets and 8″ across the deck.

After the holes were marked I drilled a pilot hole from the inside of the walls outward, remounted the walls, and then drilled pilot holes with a countersink bit in from the outside.


You can see the location of all the screw holes in this picture.


The cabinets are held in place by the walls however I was concerned that the back of the headboard needed a bit more reinforcement and to ensure that the edge was exactly where it needed to be for the headliner to meet exactly.


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  • Dangit dude…you got me thinkin’ again. lol I hadn’t noticed any other builds with material cut out of the side panels like that. It’d certainly save weight. Hmmm…