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The design phase is one of the most fun and important parts of the teardrop build process. For the design I gathered hundreds of ideas from other teardrop builds and even other types of projects, such as wooden Chris Craft boats I emulated to get the final finish on the exterior. A great place for getting more ideas is the Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailer forum at Here there are literally hundreds of ongoing and past teardrop builds with pictures and a friendly and helpful community where you can ask questions.

To come up with the final design I used a great 3D modeling software program called SketchUp which you can download for free. SketchUp allowed me to play with different ideas and designs, and quickly see if there are any problems with spacing or placement right away.  Doing this type of design up front took more time but in the end saved far more time and money by discovering problems before I even took a saw to the first piece of wood.

My build journal on this website has been designed to be a step-by-step guide to document my teardrop build process. With this build journal used in conjunction with my detailed plans and SketchUp model linked to below, you should have the tools to recreate it or cherry pick from the design and technical details to design your own teardrop creation.

For the full set of final architectural plans, including detailed measurements of all components, you can download them here: Wyoming Woody Teardrop Plans

The final 3D SketchUp model of the teardrop can be downloaded here: Wyoming Woody SketchUp Model

If you want to reuse the side profile you can find that here: Wyoming Woody Profile Measurements

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