Sealing the Underside of the Deck


Henry’s asphalt emulsion will go on the underside of the deck. I provides great protection from the elements and small rocks that get kicked up on the underside of the trailer as you go down the road.

I masked off the surfaces I didn’t want to get painted.


I headed my garage to 64 degrees before I started out. The can says 50 is the minimum and it worked well. It was 90% dry by the time I was done.


This first coat goes on fairly well.  I went back the next day and did some touchup but didn’t add a second coat. It should be safe to work with but I used a respirator since the fumes were noticeable but not overwhelming.


The final outcome after allowing it to dry for a few days. It should be ready after a few hours but I left it over a weekend. It will dry like a firm sheet of rubber but not fully hard.


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