Wall Insulation and Headliner


The fittingĀ of the wall installation and the Headliner were done in parallel. I used white 3/4″ foam board insulation which came in 4’x 8′ sheets. Insulation was measured and cut for each void in the side walls. The foil layer faces inward to contain the radiant heat inside the trailer. Supposedly you need a bit of air space for this to fully work correctly. The insulation was not permanently glued as it will need to come back out for the wiring later on.


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  • Steve

    Hi Ryan, I’m about a month away from the start of my build of your build! Can’t wait to get started. Question re: the extra cutouts on the sidewalls (which are back-filled with the 3/4″ insulation). Why?
    I’m assuming to increase the R value of the walls?

    • Yes they do increase the insulation factor but they also remove a considerable amount of weight and provide a space to run the wires.

      Good luck on your build!