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Northern tool 5′ x 8′ trailer serves as the base for my teardrop trailer. It comes in two boxes and there was a extra fee to have the delivery driver to lower it off the freight truck. I highly recommend springing for this service as it would be extremely difficult to impossible depending on your resources.

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In all it took about 4 and a half hours to assemble with the help of a couple friends. The trailer was exactly to spec (96″ x 60″).  Make sure you don’t tighten the bolts all the way until the trailer is fully assembled as this allows you to make it as square as possible. Measure from corner to corner diagonally to ensure squareness.


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  • Dave Jenkinson

    Great website Ryan, you put as much work into documenting as you did building! I will be using it to create my own on the same structure, did you ever run into an issue with not having electric brakes on the trailer? In Oregon the gross weight has to be below 1000 lbs before you require electric braking, I think. Just wondering if you ever had an issue with emergency braking? Thanks again for all your help!

    • Hi Dave,

      I had a similar concern before I got out on the road, but I have never missed having electric brakes, and we have taken it down some pretty serious switchbacks and places like the Cooke City Highway in Montana. This could be due to the combination of the weight of the trailer, 1000 lbs unloaded, as well as our tow vehicle which is a Ford Escape. If you have a smaller tow vehicle it may be worth your time looking into it.


  • SkiBumEric

    I’ve been looking over your site for a long time and am finally getting ready to begin my build. I’m about the buy my Northern Tool trailer and was wondering if you had any issues with the small tires on the highway. I know they sometimes aren’t rated for highway speeds. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge!

    • I’m glad you are finding the site helpful. This specific trailer is rated for 45mph. A lot of discussion about this seems to indicate it is for legal reasons and for an empty trailer, as the tires and wheels are rated for higher speeds. The wheels are very standard size trailer wheels, and for the weight it carries (~1000 pounds), should be perfectly adequate.

      In my experience and from other accounts with the same trailer there is no problem at highway speeds. I personally keep it to a maximum of 65 MPH and I have not had any issues yet.

      Good luck on your build!

  • Mickyeadams

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you so very much for your meticulous and beautiful build and generosity in sharing it all with us. After 2 years of thinking about it I am about to commit and will largely be following your plans. I have a question about the NT trailer. Did you move the axle back any or just use the specs from the box? I’ve seen some forums suggest moving the axle back to about 35-40% from the back to give better balance since the galley is heavy.

    • I did not modify the axle or the trailer in any way and my weight distribution is 15% (150 pounds) on the hitch which is about perfect. When loaded it probably goes to 10%. The battery in the front tongue box helps a lot with the weight.

      Good luck on your future build!

      • Mickyeadams