Wyoming Woody Teardrop Completed Pictures



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  • Johnny Swindle

    Hi Ryan…

    I love what you have done. So much so that I am planning my build using your layout and plans.

    I know that I will have questions from time to time or to seek advice from you so I hope that you would agree to let me email for clarification on certain items.

    I promise that it will only be few questions.

    Let me know your thoughts

    • Hi, sorry I must have missed your comment. I would be happy to help but I would prefer posting to the comments as it allows others to take advantage of the questions asked. You wouldn’t believe how many people hit the same issues during their build.

      Good luck!

      • Johnny Swindle

        I debated for a long time whether to build or buy…..I broke down and bought a [email protected] Max. But maybe some day I will build.

  • Tom S.

    I am new to the teardrop trailer movement but love the idea and want to build one. I think your design and the incredible detail in the plans is the best thing on the internet. I would like more info on how you weatherstripped the hatch door. I am concerned that the 1/8″ lip is too flimsy and will break or splinter with pressure.

    • Thank you!

      The 1/8″ strip is surprisingly strong with its curved shape and after the epoxy and varnish is applied. The key thing is that it doesn’t support any of the hatch weight. The bottom of the hatch rests against the back of the deck so that it and the hurricane hinge supports all its weight. The Neoprene Galley Hatch Seal is .4″ thick very soft and compresses slightly in the 3/8″ gap to provide a nice seal.

      • Tom S.

        Thanks for the response. Did you place the seal where the bottom of the hatch rests against the deck? Do you have a source for the seal?

  • Thomas

    Hi Ryan-

    I have completed my teardrop build and have a question regarding ventilation. Do you have to leave the window a little bit open at night to get enough oxygen into the teardrop? On our last trip we closed the vent and windows during the night since it was close to freezing temps, but then found ourselves waking up at night gasping for air. Just wondering what you have encountered on your trips and if you can share some best know methods. Thanks!!!

    • HAHA YES! Exact same thing happened to us on our first cold night. We usually crack a side window or the roof vent. I should put a disclaimer or something as it is the kind of thing you would not expect to happen.

      If you have some time send me some pics of your teardrop, I would love to see it and post some pics on here!