Australian Woody Teardrop


A teardrop from Australia this time!

I changed a few things, like the hatch hinge (couldn’t get a long enough hurricane hinge in .au), added the sunroof, and built my own doors and tongue-box.
I also embedded some hidden magnets in the cupboard doors (in the cab) so I could hang a small projection screen. We have a 12v projector for watching a movie.

1 - Bench-top

1 - Setting up camp

2 - Chopping-board

2 - Five minutes later

3 - Cupboard for water storage

3 - My wife and daughter prep039ing our first teardrop meal

4 - Kick back relax

4 - Sink

56mm2Hf - Imgur


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  • Bea Bea

    Hi Ryan,
    I too am in Oz and plan on tackling this baby early in the new year. Any advice or great suppliers you came across in your travels?
    Many thanks

    • Sim

      Hi BB,

      I’m also using Ryan’s plans and building another Aussie Teardrop, got my door thru AJ Plastics Manufacturing They will cost you but good company deal with. I’m in Vic so I have also had a heap of help from Traf Trailers on building the base from scratch, and parts thru Traralgon Trailers.

      • Mark Ketting

        Hi Sim, nice pointer there re ajpm. I built my doors, mainly because I didn’t want to spend another AUD$1600 for a pair from the US. A simple design flaw in mine caused some serious leakage in stormy weather. Still need to rebuild them, or maybe I’ll take your advice and get replacements from ajpm.


    • Mark Ketting

      Hi Bea Bea, how’d you go with your teardrop? If you haven’t yet started, and you’re close by, did you want to borrow my templates?

  • Peter Blomberg

    Ryan, do you have this user’s contact info? I am interested in hearing more about his stargazer window if he DIY’d it. I MAY do that with Lexan. Or I will buy one like you put in. I would just like a little bit bigger and I also am having trouble finding ones with clear glass. So just looking at options!

    • Mark Ketting

      Hey Peter, what can I help you with? I used suntuf polycarbonate from Bunnings.

      btw, sorry I haven’t replied previously, only just now saw your msg.

      • Doug Smith

        Brilliant idea. What thickness did you use? Would you use a different thickness now that you’ve had it a while?

        • Mark Ketting

          Hey Doug. I think I used 3mm. Here’s a diag ( showing how I put it together, plus I added another sheet of suntuf internally, mostly for added insulation.

          The thinkness is perfectly fine, especially as I needed to curve it to match the teardrop shape. btw, it’s so easy to work with, probably easier than the ply.

          • Doug Smith

            Perfect! Huge thanks. Your drawing is exactly how I envisioned installing it.