Wyoming Woody Teardrop CNC files

Thanks to Jenna who during their teardrop build created these CNC cut files from the original Wyoming Woody Teardrop plan! These CNC files allows you, with a CNC machine, to automate the cutting process of the walls, spars, cabinetry, etc.

There are a few variations from the original plans which she has outlined below:

1. The hatch spars are cut longer then necessary. I did this so we could verify the needed length once the sidewalks were constructed and make a separate cut.
2. We did not construct our cabinetry via tongue and groove. We realize your method looks cleaner but we felt our woodworking skills would not be up to par. We invested in stainless steel wood screws and proceeded to erect the shelves accordingly. The CNC cut file reflects this method. In some cases, the cuts would need to be revised for tongue and groove method.
3. We installed a window in lieu of one door. This was simply a cost savings.
4. In lieu of a half lap joint to merge the two sections of sidewall, we used a biscuit joiner. Therefore, the CNC cut file does not include directions to pocket the lap joint.

Thank you!