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  • Thanks for sharing your plans with us! Hopefully, the cousins will meet sometime 🙂

  • Michael Kennedy-Pedrigi

    What was the hardest part of building your tear drop ? I am going to take the steps of the wyoming woody and adapt it to be what i want it to be !

    • I’m assuming this question is directed at me. The hardest part was the design by far and getting everything the way I wanted it before I jumped into the build itself. The preparation beforehand took a lot of time, but paid for itself many times over on the back end woodworking.

      As far as the woodworking goes, the cabinets were challenging. Cutting the tongue and groove, matching the curve of the wall, and getting everything flush and even took a lot of time and attention to detail.

      If you are building a teardrop based on my plans, send me some pictures and I’ll post them on my site. I’d love to see your take on my design! Good luck!

  • Stewart Smith

    what was the weight of your trailer when finished?