Wyoming Woody Teardrop SketchUp Model

Here it is, the 3D model for the entire Wyoming Woody Teardrop trailer. You will need a program called SketchUp to view or edit it.

A quick note about use of this document. Much of my personal time, effort, and creativity has gone into its creation. The result would not be as good if it were not for the help of countless others in the wonderful teardrop community who offered advice or techniques and never asked for a penny in return. It is in that spirit that I want to ensure that this document remain open for use in the teardrop building community. Therefore I am releasing it under the “copyleft” license detailed here



  • alberto


  • Stewart Smith

    I’m trying to view your trailer in sketchup but am unable to find it. I would like the option of modifying some things to see what it would look like but am unable to do so. Any tips?

  • Stewart Smith

    I’ve tried to down load this file and drag/drop it to sketch up’s 3d warehouse but this isn’t working any suggestions?