Roof Spars and Blocking


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  • Aaron

    What was your reasoning behind choosing poplar 4/4’s instead of using another material such as 3/4″ plywood?

    • ryan_teardropbuilder

      The main reason is stability. Plywood is made up of many laminated sheets, and when you cut smaller strips it bends very easily in the direction of those laminations. Poplar is ridged in both dimentions and is best used for framing. In reality any solid wood such as oak could be used but poplar is cheap and light.

  • Stewart Smith

    I’ve been studying your plans and pictures for quite a while. The blocking is actually backing for the inner roof material where it meets the wall. The poplar you used looks like you started with a plank not a 4″x 4″, am I missing something?

    • 4/4 is “four quarter” rough cut board not 4×4, so you are correct.