Installing the Outer Skins


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  • Dave S

    Hi Ryan,
    I have a question about the outside skin you applied, according to the sketchup plans the trailer is a little over 5′ wide and you used 5′ wide baltic birch so how did you account for the 1/2″ or so? Is the true dimension of the 5 X 5 more than 5′? Thanks for making this site and the sketchup model, it has helped my planning tremendously.


    • Jonsey has it right, the outside is 4′ x 8′ and laid in lengthwise sections across the trailer on the outside. The sections meet up at the skylight opening which hides the seam to a great degree.

      • Dave S

        Ok gotcha, I didn’t see that!


      • Ian

        Ryan, do you have a thickness spec for the marine plywood you used? I’m trying to source some like it, because I think the way it turned out on yours is gorgeous.

        • Thank you!

          4mm 4′ x 8′ BS1088 okoume marine plywood sheets.

  • Jonesy

    Hi Dave,
    The outside skin is marine grade plywood. It comes in 4ft by 8ft sheets.
    The Baltic birch is used for the inside skin.