Installing the Outer Skins


With the outside okoume skins fully installed I finished up the final tasks and trim on the edges of the hatch.

I used a 1/8″ round-over bit with my router to smooth the edges of the trailer. This will help with the epoxy later as it ensures a good bond.


Here is the okoume trim being installed on the lower part of the galley hatch.


I also used okoume to trim the edges of the galley and across the bottom to cover the last bit of plywood and poplar in the deck.


With the hach installed I could finally trim the edges.


For good measure I used a flush trim bit across the bottom of the trailer. Here you can see that the epoxy was installed on he inside bottom of the wall to protect it from the bare trailer rail and from any water that might find its way up between the small gap.


Here is the final fit of the hatch with the wall.  There is a small gap that was left to install weather stripping and act a bit as a bumper.


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  • Dave S

    Hi Ryan,
    I have a question about the outside skin you applied, according to the sketchup plans the trailer is a little over 5′ wide and you used 5′ wide baltic birch so how did you account for the 1/2″ or so? Is the true dimension of the 5 X 5 more than 5′? Thanks for making this site and the sketchup model, it has helped my planning tremendously.


    • Jonsey has it right, the outside is 4′ x 8′ and laid in lengthwise sections across the trailer on the outside. The sections meet up at the skylight opening which hides the seam to a great degree.

      • Dave S

        Ok gotcha, I didn’t see that!


      • Ian

        Ryan, do you have a thickness spec for the marine plywood you used? I’m trying to source some like it, because I think the way it turned out on yours is gorgeous.

        • Thank you!

          4mm 4′ x 8′ BS1088 okoume marine plywood sheets.

  • Jonesy

    Hi Dave,
    The outside skin is marine grade plywood. It comes in 4ft by 8ft sheets.
    The Baltic birch is used for the inside skin.