Building the walls


Routing out the 1/4″ deep mortise on the bottom and edges of the walls. After getting the right 1/4″ depth, I setup a straight edge which provided a border that prevented the router from traveling outside of the area I wanted to remove. I then slowly worked my way in from the outside edge to the guide.


The first mortise is complete. The fence worked wonderfully.


You can see the 1/4″ mortise in the 3/4″ wall. This ledge will rest on the edge of the deck.

IMG_5173 IMG_5177

Getting the curves were a bit of a problem as I used the inside of the inner template as a fence. It didn’t quite match up so I had to do it in 1 foot sections. I couldn’t use a flush trim bit in this case since I couldn’t cut all the way through the material.


Both walls are complete!


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  • It’s probably right in front of me somewhere but what did you skin the inside of the walls with?

    • 5’x5′ 1/8″ baltic birch plywood.

  • Ian Moore

    Hey Ryan,

    Just curious – you used epoxy on the edges of the walls where they come into contact with the metal frame. However later on for the interior of the trailer you used spar varnish. Any reason you can think of why the Minwax spar varnish wouldn’t work in place of the epoxy on the wall edges? I figure they are both means to solving the same problem of waterproofing the wood.

    • That should work fine but it is not a permanent water barrier for external uses and might need to be reapplied in the future. Since most water intrusion would occur on the edge that shouldn’t be an issue to reapply if needed. Take a look at Thompson’s Waterseal instead, it is meant for this purpose and might be a better solution.

      The reason I used epoxy was that I knew I would never have to think about it again, also I had it laying around and was eager to test it out 🙂

  • Mickyeadams

    I’m starting to get a woodworking tool set and learning to use my router and saws as I gear up to make my first TD using your amazing plans. I see some doors from Vintage Tech measuring 26X36 inches and it looks like I have room to increase the door height. Do you see any issues with this?

    • Not at all. A few have used the larger doors with no problem. Good luck to you and keep us updated!