Finishing with Spar Varnish


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  • Glenn

    Has anyone modify this design for a 5 x 8 ?


    • Most people I have seen stay with a 5′ X 8′, however I think I have seen a custom trailer instead of the Northern Tool. With that said I see no reason why you couldn’t modify it for a different size trailer as long as you plan your cuts accordingly.

  • Jeff

    Hi Ryan,

    About the varnish, I’m wondering how long you waited for the epoxy to cure before applying. Also how long did you let the varnish cure before adding the doors and windows?


    • I let the epoxy cure overnight and that seemed to work fine, you may wish to wait a full 24 hours but that isn’t really necessary. The epoxy will be solid with no tackiness to it. When that happens its ready to sand.